Sometimes you really just need a pair of simple, classic, wearable shoes. A pair of shoes that will look after your feet, survive whatever you throw at them, and hopefully won’t look too shabby while you’re doing it.

This is where cult streetwear brand Dr Martens comes into its own. Known for decades as the go to shoe for all sorts of professions – including nurses and police officers – Dr Martens were originally designed to cushion and support a broken foot.

Dr Martens Sharp Classics Loafers Brogues and Boots
The latest look for Dr Martens’ classic shoes and boots is sleeker and lighter

But the days of “Docs” being worn solely for medical reason are long gone. The punks in the 1970s and the club kids of the 1990s moved these iconic lace-up shoes and boots into the realm of fashion.

Now you can get Docs in all sorts of colours and prints, encrusted with Swarovski crystals or covered with “hair” as well as will stiletto heels and as wedges.

Despite this, or because of it perhaps, the original, classic Dr Marten shoes and boots remain the brand’s best-sellers and are a “must-have” item in any true fashionista’s wardrobe.

But if you’ve always felt that Docs were just a little too chunky for you – something a lot of women feel, particularly those who are more petite – then you can finally rejoice. The newest versions of the classic Dr Martens shoes and boots are sleeker and more refined; perfect for shorter, slighter bodies.

The Sharp Classics were released for Autumn Winter 2011, but due to some unfortunate shipping problems, the collection has only just arrived in Singapore.

Finally you can get your hands on a pair of the brand’s Made In England (MIE) collection of lace-ups, brogues and boots from the Sharp Classics range.

MIE docs are made in the original Northampton factory using Packard and Rub-off leather in classic black and burgundy in the original Les Lace to Toe Boot and Langston Lace Boot as well as new versions of a tassle loafer and brogue lace-up shoe.

Dr Martens Sharp Classics mary-jane shoes
Dr Martens Sharp Classics mary-jane shoes go well with full, pleated skirts or A-line skirts as seen in the ladylike look this season

All of these styles are unisex – for example the Adrian tassel loafer is a more “punk” take on that Japanese schoolgirl classic, the basic flat loafer; it looks awesome when worn with the pleated skirts of the ladylike look.

Other more girlie styles include the original mary-jane styled shoe and the 2-eye lace-up shoe which looks like an old-school 1940s walking shoe; again both these styles look super-cute with any of the more ladylike styles for Spring Summer 2012 including the sugary lace of Louis Vuitton – anchor the fru-fru fashion with solid flats like these Docs.

Docs, both the boots and the lace-up shoes, also look awesome with the more directional shapes of Japanese labels like Comme des Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto or their offshoots.

If you are looking for something completely nuts, in a really cool way of course, then check out the Dr Marten Hair On Horsey collection. Yes, these are “hairy” Docs.

Dr Martens Sharp Classics Hair-On Horsey collection shoes and boots
The warm and fuzzy Dr Marten Hair On Horsey collection

Available in either black or cherry red, these shoes are created from ox-hide that’s had the “hair” left on. The style comes as a 3-eye lace-up shoe, an 8-eye lace-up or the Ashland monk-style shoe with a buckle and hair only on a portion of the upper.

No matter your style, there’s a Dr Marten shoe or boot to suit you; and with the leaner looks of the new Sharp Classics, you’re sure to feel more comfortable as you step out knowing that not only will your shoes protect and love your feet, you’ll look damn hot too. 

Dr. Martens stores are located at #02-17A Wheelock Place and #03-05 Orchard Central. Log on to to find out more.