Seriously, it seems like you can’t beat the South Koreans when it comes to effortless travel outfits. Just look at how Tiffany Hwang of Girls Generation makes dressing for comfort (and style) so easy, breezy and well put-together.

Seoul style tips for airport outfits, as inspired by Tiffany from SNSD

Tiffany Hwang of Girls Generation with the Saint Laurent Petit Sac de jour bag at Incheon International Airport. Image: Saint Laurent

Besides the requisite sling bag for your travel documents, we share the other top pieces to grab, to ‘steal’ her airport style; beanie and stackable rings optional.

#1 Must-have: An oversized jacket
Whether you’re flying to a sunny beach destination or escaping the heat in cooler climes, a jacket is a travel must-have; don’t forget about how cold it can get on the flight. Pick an oversized style like the denim jacket that Tiffany is wearing, to maximise the comfort quotient.

#2 Loose-fit cotton top
Whether you’re seated in Economy or First Class on your flight, a comfortable, loose-fit top is a must. Spare yourself the trouble fof adjusting and fiddling with a skin-tight piece.

#3 Stretchy pants
For ease of movement and a flattering fit, pick stretchy and crease-free jeggings as Tiffany as done.

#4 Slipper loafers
They’re easy to slip on and off. Opt for a platform style to get the added height.

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