If you’ve a friend with a passion for shoes — or perhaps it’s your guilty obsession too — this is that one gift to get.

3M Scotch shoe dispensers, available at $12.90 each

Much like the shoes we love, these cute 3M Scotch tape dispensers boast fun prints and our favourite shades.

Pick the classic black if you’re feeling conscious about a shoe on your desk, or go funky with zebra print or python skin, if you just have to have it anyway. Got a weakness for pink? Just get it if you adore that hue (we won’t judge).

This tape dispenser comes packaged with a roll of its 3M Scotch Magic Tape, a matte, frosty-looking tape that appears almost invisible on paper.

Plus this actually is a practical gift; you know you’ll want this for last-minute gift wrapping or a quick, DIY repairs at the office. And oh, the many sticky situations you might get into.

The 3M Scotch’s Magic Shoe Dispenser is priced at $12.90 and will retail from mid November. Find it at all Popular Bookstores and other leading retailers in Singapore.