If you love rough-hewn rocks with a gritty, straight-from-nature aesthetic, then check out Singapore jeweller Choo Yilin’s latest capsule collection, the Druzy Spider Webs series.

Choo Yilin Druzy 1.jpg

Inspired by the intricacies of spider webs, this collection is a stroke of brilliance because it ditches the usual polished-to-perfection gem for heavily-flawed rough gemstones that are traditionally discarded by most jewellers.

Choo Yilin Druzy 2.jpg

Instead, the team of designers at Choo Yilin encased the rough stones in spiral orb webs, studded with precious gems like garnets and amethysts, replicating the glowing effect when sunlight hits a spider’s web. 

Choo Yilin Druzy 3.jpg

The result is statement jewellery that packs plenty of punch – a gritty, unpolished centre stone co-exists gracefully with webs of yellow gold and silver. In particular, the citrine and smoky quartz druzy ring (pictured above right) is a must-have artisanal triumph, but all the pieces in the collection are only available in extremely limited quantities as they cannot be replicated.

Choo Yilin 5.jpg

“Our aim is to debunk the belief that anything flawed is inferior to their perfect counterparts; and that with the right design, rough pieces that are traditionally discarded can be as beautiful, if not even more so than perfectly flawless gemstone jewellery,” explained Choo Yilin, the label’s founder and principal designer.

Choo Yilin’s Druzy Spiderwebs collection is available at Sulin Serio located at #B1-18, Tanglin Mall and Quintessential located at #02-01, Pacific Plaza. Prices range from $285 for a necklace to $325 for a ring. For more information, visit www.chooyilin.com