The bamboo plant stands firmly rooted to the ground and has thin supple stems that bend without breaking. It has thus been regarded as a symbol of flexibility and perseverance, which Risis seeks to incorporate into its Bambou collection of jewellery.

With designs inspired by the aesthetic features of bamboo, the Bambou jewellery collection from Risis combines elegance and graceful resilience.

Consistent with Risis tradition, the Bambou collection of jewellery pieces undergo a natural plating process that refines the detail and quality of each jewellery item. The Bambou jewellery collection includes a pair of Bambou earrings plated with 18K gold, $60 (pictured above top). You can also wear the 18K gold-plated Bambou pendant with chain, $75, or adorn your finger with a Bambou ring, $50 (above).

The Risis Bambou jewellery collection is available at all Risis stores, including Risis Suntec City Mall #01-084, Tel: 6338 8250, Risis The Centrepoint #01-40, Tel: 6235 0988 and Risis Tangs Vivocity Level 2, Tel: 6303 8678. For more information about the Risis Bambou jewellery collection, go to You can also follow Risis on Facebook at