The Bonia Brilliante Crossbody Bag

Open discussion: What’s the best purse to tote as a modern woman? As a busy go-getter, you’ll probably need both your mitts unencumbered to take on the day as best as you can. Which leads us to our point; your trusty full-sized, work-friendly carryall may be your numero uno go-to all this while, but crossbody bags are where it’s at when it comes to being the ultimate chic and practical accessory.

Our current obsession with crossbody bags may seem to owe itself to their pragmatic hands-free function but if we’re being completely honest, it mostly revolves around Bonia’s most recent bag drop: The Bonia Brilliante Crossbody Bag.

Contemporary and compact, this stylish receptacle is THE bag to own for the current Spring/Summer season and beyond. It’s timeless design and versatility also factors into its ability to see you through the seasons and future trends.

We could go on and on about why we’re so into the Brilliante Crossbody Bag, but to spare you some time, we’re consolidating it into five main reasons why you absolutely need to own it. Read on to find out more about our favourite bag to invest in right now.


1.  It’s available in five gorgeous colourways

The Bonia Brilliante Crossbody Bag

To suit every personal style, the Bonia Brilliante Crossbody Bag is rendered in rich palettes of rose burgundy, yellow, blue, caramel and black. Not only will these vibrant colourways add a fun pop of colour to your outfit, they’ll also offer a much needed perk-me-up on a stressful work week with their bright zesty vibes.

2. It’s great for all occasions, from day to night
It’s hard to believe that one purse is enough to take you from work to dinner, from weekend outings to luxe summer getaways, from … well, you get the point. The Brilliante Crossbody Bag has an elegant and simple design, which allows you to dress it down with jeans and a casual t-shirt for relaxed weekends or dress it up by having a little more fun with the rest of your outfit. It’s also compact and convenient to lug around, with enough space to haul all your essentials, rendering it ideal as a handy travelling companion.

The fact that you can team it with almost any outfit for any occasion also means that you get more mileage for the amount you’re investing in this staple accessory. And there’s nothing we love more than a good investment handbag.

3. It’s on trend
For Spring 2019, structured bag shapes and bright saturated colours are trending big time. Along the same vein, the Bonia Brilliante can be found among the crop of It-styles this season. Boasting of a boxy silhouette, stunning bold primary colours that are sure to work wonders on your Instagram feed, and an immaculate polished look, this bag will help you stay current and en vogue this season.

4. It’s crafted from high quality calf leather
Maintaining the condition of your leather carriers are of utmost importance if you want to keep them looking pristine for as long as possible. Made from good quality calfskin, you won’t have to go through painstaking methods to clean and care for the Brilliante bag; just a quick wipe on the exterior surface with a soft, dry cloth every once in awhile, and you’re all good to go.

It’ll also crafted with quality workmanship with a sturdy and hardy feel, ensuring that it’ll last you for years and years to come.

5. It’s endorsed by Singapore’s influential trendsetters
Recently announced as the brand ambassadors for Bonia, celebrities Romeo Tan and Carrie Wong echo the dynamic and modern image held by the iconic brand. As young and current celebs in Singapore, Romeo and Carrie embody the invigorating, fresh creativity that shines through in all of Bonia’s bags and accessories.

As they all say, seeing is believing. If you’re still unconvinced, head down to any Bonia outlet now located at Suntec City Mall #01-343 / Westgate #01-17/18 / Jurong Point #01-02 / NorthPoint #01-11, and all leading department stores to check the Brilliante Crossbody Bag out. Price: $320 (retail price)