Tired of lugging a stack of prepaid cards, loyalty cards and discount vouchers? Mogi has the solution.

Mogi is a new mobile wallet app created by Singapore company Mobile Media Creations that consolidates the lot.

Available on Apple iOS and Google Android, Mogi allows you to buy and store cards from your favourite retailers in one convenient app. It also allows you to claim instant discounts and redeem gifts when you pay with your smartphone.

Pay with your phone for rewards
Mogi’s point-of-sales terminal uses an Android tablet (pictured here) or smartphone to scan a customer’s smartphone for payment. Photo: Mobile Media Creations

The concept is similar to coffee chain Starbucks’ prepaid card, which lets customers pay with the card’s stored value and be rewarded with free drinks if they use the card frequently.

With Mogi, you purchase credits for a retail outlet in the form of a prepaid card and the rewards start flowing the minute you top up.

You get extra value for every top up and the amount varies based on the merchant’s reward scheme. So if you top up $100, you might have $110 stored in the card. Topping up can be done via a PayPal account or credit card, but both payment information will not be saved on your handsets.

Ms Kong Shuyun, 29, a manager, welcomes the convenience that Mogi offers. She said: “I do not carry too many cards just the ones I use most frequently. It’s quite annoying when I realise I’ve left these cards at home when I need them.”

During payment, a quick recognition code is created on your device. The code, which is valid for only five minutes for security purposes, is scanned by placing your phone on the sales terminal or letting a cashier scan the code with another smartphone. Unlike most daily deal programmes, which usually draw customers with huge discounts, Mogi aims to retain customers by providing extra value and rewards.

“With daily deals, merchants are obliged to give 70 to 90 per cent discounts, only to realise that customers will not go back to them when items go back to the full price. Many merchants will not take up daily deals again because of the lack of loyalty,” said Mobile Media Creations chief executive officer Rashad Budeiri.

As of now, you can pay for your purchases with Mogi across 70 retail, health, beauty and dining outlets here. Consumers will have more retail outlets to choose from when the app extends its support to another 150 stores in the following months. Loyalty points can also be collected with every use of the card, which can be used to redeem gifts at your favourite stores.

Mogi also sends notifications to the user, highlighting promotions such as a discount voucher or free items to be redeemed at various retail outlets. Merchants have the freedom to customise the app’s top-up amount and discount vouchers for their stores, and even place advertisements into the Mogi app on their own through a Web-based back-end system. -STRAITS TIMES.COM

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