Pant suits have always been associated with notions of stiff, conservative and boring. However in recent seasons, the typical black suit — a shirt, pants and a pair of pumps — has made room for more varied, and more stylish, options.

Celebrities have been seen strutting down the red carpets in suits with modern silhouettes instead of a billowing frock, while street style stars jazz up this austere style up with unexpected elements like sneakers.

(L-R) Shu Qi in a pantsuit for on the red carpet; Chiara Ferragni in a pinstripe suit for fashion week

So your preconceived notions about pantsuits should be tossed away! Here are 11 super chic and stylish pantsuits that will seal your style status in the boardroom.

1. Lavish Alice polyester blazer, $116.31; polyester pants, $103.40 from ASOS

2. Jacquard polyester blazer, $129.25; jacquard pants, $86.16 from ASOS

3. Re:named polyester blazer, $106; polyester pants $79 from Shopbop

4. Polyester blazer, $169; polyester pants, $99 from Mango

5. Never Fully Dressed cotton vest, $86.16; Cotton pants, $86.16 from ASOS

6. Finder Keepers polyester blazer $199; polyester pants $199 from Cool-Find

7. Viscose polyether blazer, $49; stretch cotton pants, $24 from Mango

8. Polyester blazer, $139; polyester pants, $89 from Mango

9. Polyester blazer, $149; polyester pants $79.90 from Topshop

10. Cotton blazer $91.50; cotton pants, $53.50 from Eightslate

11. Cotton coat, $159; polyester pants, $139 from Zara

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