Whether you are a dedicated “sneakerhead” or just someone who likes a trend and a comfortable shoe, you can’t escape how the “luxe”, high-end or fashion sneaker has become an everyday fashion must-have.

I’ve already waxed lyrical on my love of the new season Dior sneakers, and how even Chanel has put sneakers on its haute couture runway; plus we’ve given you ideas on how you can wear your luxe sneakers to work … Now here come some more high-end sneakers you’re going to want to get your hands on.

Puma x McQ sneaker collection LOW PINK

Top sports brand Puma has long done style collaborations with major high fashion brands, including the Alexander McQueen main line, now McQ (the brand’s junior line) gets a chance in the limelight. Working with Sarah Burton to combine Puma’s sports heritage and McQueen’s slightly punk vibe, the new sneakers are apparently inspired by human anatomy.

You can see this in the “ribcage” of leather which wraps around an inner mesh form on the sneakers and also, a bit, in the colour choice; the sort of “skin colour” pink also echoes tendons and other structural parts of the body, as does the “morphing” prints used in the design.

Puma x McQ sneaker collection DECOR LOWPuma x McQ sneaker collection HITOPS
Puma x McQ Run Mid and Puma x McQ Move Lo sneakers

While this might all sound just a bit off, it’s actually rather beautiful; these luxe sneakers are totally wearable but still have a bit of an arty, structural look which makes them stand out in the plethora of so-so sneakers that just about every fashion brand in the world is releasing.

Puma x McQ sneaker collection WEDGESPuma x McQ Leap wedge sneakers

The Puma x McQ Run Mid and Puma x McQ Move Lo are the go-to sneakers for someone looking for a comfortable daily shoe with the performance edge of a sports brand sneaker but with enough “styling” to easily slip in your workwear wardrobe. For something a little more “fashion”, the Puma x McQ Leap is a quirky take on the wedge-sneaker with a very architectural looking wedge heel; this is my personal favourite.

The Puma x McQ collection is available at the Puma store at ION Orchad, Limited Edt and Leftfoot stores. Prices range from $240 to $440. For more information about Puma, go to www.puma.com; for more information about McQ, go to www.alexandermcqueen.com/mcq.