How long has it been since you actually went on a solid shopping spree? While we’re busy chasing deadlines, we can forget to reward or treat ourselves for all the times we’ve put our careers before our needs. (Or rather, our wants.)

However, from today October 3, 2016 onwards, you can easily shop for all your coveted products at a click of a button – thanks to Robinsons The Heeren’s new online shopping feature ‘Click & Collect’!

The aptly named service provides a slick shopping experience where shoppers can simply select their desired items with a click, and collect said items at Robinsons’ concierge just three hours after payment has been made. Easy-peasy!

So whether you’re a busy executive who prefers on-the-go shopping, or if you enjoy browsing and purchasing from online stores from the comfort of your home, the ‘Click & Collect’ service leaves no woman out.

The smooth and convenient e-commerce experience might do some damage to your wallet, but trust us when we say that it will be worth it.

As Robinsons itself puts it, “the joy of indulging in a little retail therapy begins at your fingertips.” Well, we guess you’ll just have to go on to Click & Collect to try it out for yourselves to find out.

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