Unique designs, beautiful, quality materials and well-crafted garments; you will find all that, and more, at MYthology, a new multi-label boutique located in a quiet shophouse on Club Street.

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Housing various brands under its roof, the chic boutique is a private “destination store”; where customers will feel comfortable coming in to browse and check out the latest togs from Southeast Asian designers such as Totem (Indonesia), NAO (Singapore), Eina Ahluwalia (India), Dresstronomy (Singapore), Rahul Mishra (India), Nachiket Barve (India), Arpan Vohra (India) and more. Recently, the the boutique has also introduced the jewellery collections of Australian born designer Sally Skoufis to their lineup.

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The store boasts interiors that are sleek yet do not come off as intimidating, with carefully curated pieces and an eclectic selection of accessories. The result is a place where one can find gems that are one-of-a-kind; and exclusive to MYthology.

All this is the brainchild of Apsara Oswal, who moved to Singapore from India with her husband and children three years ago. After studying the local market, she decided to open MYthology and use it as a launchpad for designers around the region who possess the talent yet lack the funds to expand internationally.

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When herworldPLUS visited, we found cheery dresses in every hue, billowy floor-length dresses made of lightweight cotton, cocktail-appropriate wear with exquisite beading, and separates with an avant-garde twist.

Apsara hopes that this mix of styles will allow every woman to find something that suits her in store. Armed with four years of experience as a fashion stylist at premier Indian magazine Verve, she provides styling services in her “cocoon” – a hole-in-the-wall room with lush carpeting and a rack that holds sensual saris as well as the the latest designs that have just arrived.

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We had the chance to sit down with Apsara over tea, and chatted about the store as well as her thoughts on Indian fashion.

herworldPLUS: What can customers expect from MYthology?

Apsara Oswal: MYthology is all about cultivating the connection customers have with a garment – and this is the difference between an online store and a brick and mortar store – when customers come down and try something out for themselves they’ll say, “wow this colour really works on me”, the transformation is immediate.

We have a free styling service, and whether you buy anything [or not] doesn’t matter. If someone tells me this is my budget, I’m more than happy to help out with what colours will work, what styles will work for that person. We’re not selfish in that sense, where we only provide the service if you’re going to come and buy something.

One other thing about MYthology is we don’t reorder the same styles, and we don’t go on sale; because I think that if you get your price right the first time, you don’t need to go on sale or revise it.

We’re also looking to expand our reach across Asia and we hope to rope in designers from Korea, Japan or Thailand soon.

HWP: What are your thoughts on Indian fashion and how is it perceived?

AO: One of the most interesting things about Indian designers is that they’re not scared to be experimental. It’s very difficult to find an original piece today because you see interpretations or inspirations everywhere. But you do see really interesting designs from Indian designers.

I say this without any bias but I really think that we have one of the most skilled craftsmen and labourers in India – they get paid practically nothing and it’s really nice when you see designers getting these craftsmen getting involved, especially when their works go international.

I think the younger designers in India are breaking the mould, coming out and getting noticed. Some of the designs that you see in stores will surprise you because they don’t look like they’re by an Indian designer – it’s very international in its design.

This is one change I’d like to see, people giving new designers a chance. It’s not about the tag on the piece, it’s about the finishing and the craftsmanship.

MYthology is located at 88 Club Street, Singapore 069456. Prices range from $139 – $1500 for clothing and $120 – $850 for jewellery. For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/shopmythology or call 6223 5570.