Montblanc Ladies' Jewellery Romance Beaute Ring 90.jpg

Montblanc may be known for their finest fountain pens, but their commitment to quality is also evident in their jewellery line, which invokes dreams of romance and sumptuousness.

Last month, Montblanc released three new collections – the “Infiniment Vôtre” for fine jewellery, Ladies’ silver jewellery and the “La Vie de Bohème” collection for small leather goods.

The “Infiniment Vôtre” collection includes rose gold jewellery in designs that encompass themes such as curvature – aptly used to examplify the feminine nature of women.

The delicate pieces are extremely versatile and can be worn during the day, or at night. They can be used to add a touch of femininity to edgier outfits – juxtaposed against a leather jacket, it strikes the perfect balance between rugged and womanly.

The rose gold will also offset warmer skin tones perfectly. To tie the collection together, an infinity symbol is used in each piece and it features a diamond set in the signature Montblanc motif of a 6-pointed star. The figure-8 symbol is used as a modern interpretation of everlasting love.

For the woman with a multifaceted personality, the Montblanc Ladies’ Silver Jewellery Collection will represent that quality through its design, which combines opposing elements.

With its sleek yet edgy designs, it is suitable for women who are looking for statement pieces to add to their collection. The clash of coarse elements such as wood and refined elements such as sleek silver is surprisingly wearable and lends an air of sophistication to otherwise simple outfits. Pieces such as the Romance Beauté ring demonstrate this, where polished wood lends an earthy touch to the sensuality of silver.

And you know how they say the devil is in the details? A luxe alligator print diary from the “La Vie de Bohème” collection will be a power woman’s best accessory – it conveys her attention to detail and hints at a woman with an innate sense of style. She appears effortlessly accomplished by simply taking this diary out of her bag.

As a whole, the collection manages to effectively encapsulate the intangible qualities that all women possess and is an investment worth making.

Montblanc Jewellery is available at the Montblanc flagship store at #01-01 Mandarin Gallery. Prices range from $200 for a credit card holder from the La Vie de Bohème collection to $2,230 for a mini bracelet from the Infiniment Vôtre collection.