Look, none of us are perfect. Spending that extra 15 minutes in bed every morning means 15 minutes less for the rest of your morning routine, whether you opt to spend it coordinating the perfect outfit, getting your makeup on point or having less time to enjoy a good breakfast.

Does that mean we’re not going to hit the snooze button? Probably not.

Which explains why we’re always trying to find the perfect morning routine hack, from working out the fastest way to get our brows work-ready in the morning (you’re welcome!) to overnight breakfast recipes that we can bring on the go.

So what’s a stylish (but sleepy) OL to do? Come up with a cheat sheet that will streamline the morning routine, of course.


MONDAY: Bold is gold

Floral-print silk-blend charmeuse midi dress, Dolce & Gabbana, $2,610 from Net-A-Porter

Yes we know, this dress doesn’t really scream ‘Monday Blues’ – which is entirely the point. The start of the work week is always tricky because you want to look well-rested from the weekend but at the same time, we all know we would much rather be spending the day in bed.

So here’s what we’re propose: A dress that does all the work for you. And the great thing about a dress is that it requires so little effort – there’s no need to think of pieces to complete the outfit because that is the outfit. Just throw on a pair of plain flats and, if you’d like to jazz it up a little, some understated accessories – but be careful not to overdo it since the dress is already so loud.


TUESDAY: Professional polish

Stretch-knit midi skirt, Michael Kors, $819 from Net-A-Porter

Now that everyone in the office has gotten over the inertia of the weekend, there is no excuse to be falling behind on the workload that, in all likelihood, is starting to pile up next to you on your desk.

So that’s why we’re choosing to go with an understated, sleek look to show that not only are you on top of all your meetings and growing to-do list, you’re also nailing that #OOTD game.

To avoid tipping over from being understated to boring, choose a midi skirt that has just the right amount of detailing, whether in the cut or texture, and wear it with a classic off-shoulder top.

Polish off the look with either a statement purse or bright accessories.


WEDNESDAY: Blazin’ hot

Oversized Blazer, Vero Moda, $94.82 from Asos

Tailored Trousers, Vero Moda, $73.27 from Asos

If you, too, are a huge believer of dressing for comfort, then you were probably celebrating alongside me when the oversized suit came back from the dead to become trendy again.

So what better way to get through hump day than with an outfit that lends you effortless style while never taking away from your comfort?

MRT air conditioning not quite working? Just take off the blazer and you’re all set. (You’ll be applauding your foresight in choosing to wear those loose fitting and ventilation-friendly pants, too.)


THURSDAY: Suit up…sort of

Blush Tapered Jumpsuit, Topshop, $136.00

Ugh, Thursdays. While it doesn’t quite compare to a Monday morning, Thursday mornings present a different set of challenges – namely the fact that the weekend is so close … yet not quite there yet.

So whether you’re reeling from the after-effects of a great ladies’ night or simply loathe to leave the comfort of your bed, a jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to switching up your work look without having to put too much thought into it.

Bonus: That leaves you with more time to spend concealing those dark circles or to even hit the snooze button.


FRIDAY: It’s a wrap

Bow wrap dress, Mango, $99.90

Fridays are arguably the most important days to have a multifunctional outfit on hand that can take you from HBIC at the office to HBIC on your night out.

Enter the wrap dress. Not only is it versatile, the waist tie naturally emphasises your feminine curves, especially so if you’re a pear-shaped girl.

A good wrap dress doesn’t just buy you time for your morning routine – it also requires absolutely no altering to make it party-appropriate. That means that yes, you can take your time leaving the office for your Friday night date without being tardy. That makes it the perfect dress to end the week off in my books.