Whimsical designer label Meadham Kirchhoff’s runway shows are always ones to look out for at London Fashion Week. The duo of Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff don’t only send models down the catwalk in their latest collections – they put on a theatrical show. Who can forget the Spring Summer 2013 show set to the theme of Marie-Antoinette with corsets, big jewels and bigger hats against a backdrop of a parlour, featuring models that ate cakes and picked flowers on the runway?Topshop anchor.png

So it’s no surprise that the London-based brand’s flair for storytelling would emerge again in its fourth collaboration with British high street label Topshop. Based on a fictional girl band called The Cherrys, the latest Topshop designer collaboration is also the largest to date with 80 pieces in the collection.

Topshop jumpers.jpg

Four Cherry-s make the the band – Cherry Cherie, Chery Satanika, Chery Pikka and Cherry Blossoms – all rebels and each with their own signature style. Each girl is certain to find a Cherry she identifies with. “The overall aesthetic was influenced by Marylin Manson and the Spooky Kids, Kembra Pfahler and glam rock,” explained Meadham and Kirchhoff. “It’s an enormous and all encompassing collection that will offer a myriad of choices for any customer to adapt or reject as they see fit.”

Cherry Blossom and Cherry Cherrie are your typical sweet, innocent girls while Cherry Satanika and Cherry Pikka run on the wild side and emulate their glam rock heroes. Eyes, cherries, animal prints, pentangle stars and rainbows are the running themes across the collection and bring the world of The Cherrys alive.

Topshop shoes.jpg

Different contrasting textures like leather, lace, suede, chiffon, crochet, glitter, angora wool and more feature on an eye-popping palette of brights and pastel hues. The accessories are equally outstanding – think fur-trimmed platforms, Mary Janes with marshmallow heels, striped ankle warmers and playful handbags. Each piece in the collection tells an individual story and can be fitted together to form the image of your favourite Cherry.

Our picks of the collection are a sweet lace trimmed heart romper, kitschy alligator shoes and a fierce tiger striped jumper but every piece from this collaboration is sure to bring out the rock star in you.

Topshop’s creative director Kate Phelan said, “Ben and Ed have been captivating a global fashion audience at London Fashion Week for over 10 years. This collection of Cherries will inspire and delight. The pieces are special and exciting they capture their bitter-sweet world of fashion.”

The Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop collection will be available at Topshop Knightsbridge from November 21, 2013. For more information, go to sg.topshop.com. Follow Topshop on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Topshop and Twitter @Topshop and Instagram @Topshop