The first clothes cleaning company in Singapore to use toxin-free technology to clean your precious garments, For the Love of Laundry (FTLOL), has just announced the opening of two new outlets and the launch of new services.

For The Love of Laundry 2 new outlets NO CHEMICALS
For The Love of Laundry 2 new outlets SAFE ON SKIN

Most Singapore dry cleaners use something called “Perc” – a hydrocarbon-based cleaning solvent – to clean your clothes. Perc can also lead to tears in fabric since it weakens the bonds between fibres.

FTLOL uses all-natural liquid silicone, in a toxin-free process, to clean your precious garments and help preserve the fabric for long-lasting wear; it also is less likely to leech the dye in the fabric and doesn’t lead to yellowing over time, there’s also reduced wrinkling and no static build-up so your clothes need less ironing. And the silicone based process is also non-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

On top of this, FTLOL uses bio-degradable plastic bags and encourages the return and reuse of plastic hangers to help out with your carbon footprint. If that’s not enough, the company also says that for “every hanger returned, we will donate five cents to Riverkids”. Riverkids is a Singapore charity that supports kids and their families in danger of abuse and trafficking in Cambodia.

For The Love of Laundry 2 new outlets RIVERKIDS

Since we all love shopping in Singapore, and wearing, as much high fashion as we can, the new FTLOL outlets at One Raffles Place and in Nassim Road have been opened to help meet customer demand; the existing outlets at Club Street and United Square remain open.

FTLOL also has a Singapore-wide pickup and delivery service and has just launched a late night delivery service from Monday to Friday until 10pm, so you can get your laundry delivered or pick up after you finish work.

Other services at FTLOL include cleaning shirts from only $5; items returned in four days; free island-wide delivery for orders over $40; a hassle free credit card payment available and a dedicated customer service hotline.

So what are you waiting for? Give them a call; protect the environment and your fashion at the same time.

For the Love of Laundry’s new outlets are located at One Raffles Place, #01-63, One Raffles Place Tower 2 and #01-05, 1 Nassim Road. Other locations are #01-01, 31 Club Street and #01-18A United Square, 101 Thomson Road (at Thomson Road carpark entrance). The customer hotline is 6265 1110. For more information about FTLOL, including its prices, go to or email