LOQI luggage covers
Loqi Luggage covers ($29.90 each) from The Planet Traveller. PHOTOS: LOQI

Give your suitcase a different look for every trip with these fun luggage covers from Loqi.

Inspired by the top attractions of Italy, London, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo, these covers will make your luggage almost instantly identifiable; you’ll easily be able to spot it from afar on the luggage belt.

Made of reusable polyester and spandex, these covers are said to be water-resistant and fade-proof and will fit most medium-sized luggage. The brand’s OEKO-TEX certification ensures that you’re also getting an eco-friendly buy, made from sustainable materials.

LOQI luggage cover how to

As shown in the diagram above, simply pull the cover over the top of your luggage and fasten the buttons at the bottom to keep it a secure fit on your precious travel baggage.

Loqi travel covers are available at The Planet Traveller stores in Singapore.