In the name of journalistic integrity, I did some research on the benefits of breastfeeding and it turns out it prevents everything from diarrhea to pneumonia in babies, and even extended to preventing diseases like diabetes to obesity in adulthood. On the sartorial side, it proved difficult to find pieces that aided women in the task of breastfeeding.

But, that’s where local label Jump Eat Cry comes in and if we had to sell the brand in one sentence: their pieces all comes with subtle zips or folds near the chest area to help you easily breastfeed in style.

Jump Eat Cry’s pieces all have concealed side zips that make it easy for you to nurse

Founded in late 2016, Jump Eat Cry launches six to nine pieces every week or fortnight, and all are specifically made with nursing mothers in mind – their clothing materials are all stretchy to make sure you’re comfortable (they do not shrink when washed), they’re also put through colour-run tests to ensure that they do not run in the wash, and the best selling point?

They come with discreet zips to make sure you can breastfeed comfortably – all you have to do is to fold the discrete flaps, and get down to business.

One of Jump Eat Cry’s best-selling items, the Stella empire nursing dress is made out of a lightweight and crease free polyester-blend


And if you’re a mom who does it all, you’d be glad (or relieved) to know that all of Jump Eat Cry’s pieces are lightweight, crease-free and breathable to boot.

Prices start at $34.90 for a tank top to $52.90 for a dress. Shop Jump Eat Cry today at