One of the most highly-anticipated pairs of limited edition sneakers – the Nike Air Yeezy II – will be released on June 9.

Sneakerheads all over Singapore are geared up, prepped and all ready for this launch.

And if you were wondering what the big fuss is about, well, this is isn’t just your everyday pair of sneakers. The Nike Air Yeezy II is designed by none other than rapper, Kanye West.

The launch of this highly desirable collectible comes after the successful launch of Air Yeezy I, touted as “the blockbuster kicks of 2009”.

The Nike Air Yeezy II – available in two colourways, Platinum and Black – blends the classic Nike look with a primal, tactile touch. By primal, we refer to the hand skived anaconda-textured leather that adorns the panels, embellished with a debossed Vac-Tech Nike Swoosh.


The rear of the shoe is also sculpted with a reptilian-inspired spike, while an engineered strap with scaled-down spikes is added for symmetry.

Trust West to up the stakes when it comes to luxury. The mix of leather, rugged ballistic nylon and soft nubuck takes it to the next level, while opulent details like a loop strap with hieroglyphics that spell out “YZY”, anaconda-textured eyelets and a leather lace toggle that features the Roman numeral “II” are to-die-for additions.

In order to get your hands on a pair, you will have to either be really loaded (rumour has it that the first pair sold on Ebay went for approximately US$90,300) or lady luck has to be shining on you.

With only 30 pairs available locally, calling it limited edition is an understatement.

The purchase of the kicks will be conducted through a ballot. Interested parties will have to obtain a ballot form from any of the Limited Edt outlets with the last day being June 8. Non-members of Limited Edt will have to spend a minimum of $100 on Nike Products to obtain the form.

Submit your form at the following Limited Edt stores: Limited Edt Queensway, Limited Edt Vault Somerset 313 or Limited Edt Chamber Marina Bay Sands. Balloting for both colourways is by sizes, limited to one entry per colourway per person, and will be conducted by representatives from Nike.

The draw will be conducted on Saturday, June 9 at 4pm at Limited Edt Chamber Marina Bay Sands.

Want to own a piece of Kanye West-designed kicks and be the sole envy of all sneakerheads out there? Head down to Limited Edt now.

The Nike Air Yeezy II will be available at Limited Edt outlets and will retail for $299. Purchase is available through ballot only.

For more information, check out Limited Edt’s facebook page at or e-mail for queries.