I don’t know about you, but I’m such a sucker for pretty notebooks. Notebooks and diaries that look cute and somehow personal are so very irresistible, and in the paperless working world it’s nice to be able to jot down your timetable and notes with pen and paper.


Kikki.k has the cutest diaries, and they’ve just released a new collection celebrating the 10 years of its Cute Diary.

This 2017 edition of the Cute Diary is emblazoned in hand-drawn illustrations boasting some of kikki.K’s most recognisable graphics. The diary also features pastel coloured swatches interspersed with polka dots – very cute!

The Bonded Leather Diaries come in beautiful pastel shades like pink, green, blue and charcoal. The most striking definitely has to be the blue Inspiration Diary accented with gold foil, but my favourite of the lot is probably the Black and White Fashion Diary because the monochromatic colour scheme makes it so classy!

Even if you aren’t planning on buying one for yourself, these would be great gifts for colleagues or friends.

The Cute Collection, Sweet Collection and 2017 Diaries and calendars collections are out in their outlet stores in Ion Orchard, Raffles City.

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