Northern Ireland-born designer J.W. Anderson returns with a second collection for Topshop that is set to hit stores in March. 

Jonathan ‘JW’ Anderson’s bat sweater produced for Topshop, and as seen on Alexa Chung among others, was one of the highlights of 2012’s street style, in a year stuffed with high-fashion/fast-fashion collaborations.

TOPSHOP2.jpg topshop3.jpg

His latest Spring-Summer 2013 collection for the British high-street retailer is an evolution of the kilt and tartan influences in last year’s smash success. 

This latest collection is “more about youth cultural groups” according to Anderson. “The girl has evolved. It’s about carrying over the idea of iconic pieces that can be worn over and over and re-working staple looks from the J.W. Anderson wardrobe,” he added. 

Expect to see unexpected futuristic fabrics with a more modern, pared back feel like a lilac purple neoprene skirt with flair in the form of a ruffled hem, and an even more subdued look with the same neoprene fabric in a shift dress. The motif sweaters from the first collection returns too, this time in three designs, a heart, turkey and car.

J.W. Anderson's second line for Topshop

The designer’s favorite pieces though belongs to the argyle twinsets. “It’s about a twist on basics and about reaffirming the J.W. Anderson silhouette, with a slight element of kink,” he says.

So will the 28-year-old designer be returning for another bite of the apple come fall 2013? Sadly not, he says: “This is our last chapter. It was always laid out as a two part story.”

J.W. Anderson for Topshop is set to hit Topshop Knightsbridge and ION Orchard from March 2013.