I never thought the day would come when I’d rise to the ranks of style icons like Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and Erin Wasson to have a luxury bag brand name one of its bags after me.

I always thought I’d have to be vaguely recognised while out and about, have a movie star boyfriend, or have a snazzy name like Chrystal Galaxy to even register as a blip on the radar of any brand, much less an incredibly well-known luxury bag brand.

Well, lo and behold, that day has arrived.

I made a bag for Oroton

The kind people at Australian luxury bag brand Oroton have very nicely helped elevate me to the status of a celebrity by replicating one of the bags I had a hand in designing.

Okay. So I’m embellishing things a little. Let me start over.

The Oroton brand, which was founded in Sydney in 1938, one day decided to give a few members of the media an opportunity to customise one of their bags any way we liked. I picked out the Oroton Chevron bag to work my magic on.

It was then and there that my inclinations to be the next Alexa Chung were awakened, and with my creative juices flowing, I set about to create a bag so special that people would clamour to buy it.

I decided to be safe, but adventurous (oxymoron, much?) and craft the already-gorgeous Chevron bag in a supple white leather instead of the black it is sold in, and have the art deco-esque metal plate in front cast in matte brass instead of shiny gold. The cherry on the pie really came from the hot pink zip running over the top of the bag that I picked out from a myriad of colours available.

I made a bag for Oroton

So yes, I was stretching the facts a little when I said they named a bag after me or when I said I “designed” the bag or even when I say I am now at the level of Kate Moss and the like.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Honestly though, I’m surprised Oroton allowed us to customise their bags in any way we wished. What if we came up with something quite hideous?

However, I guess after over 73 years of making bags they knew exactly what they were doing when they offered us the opportunity to try our hands at customising a bag. After all the brand is best-known for its metal mesh evening bags and purses from the 60s and 70s that are now permanently placed in the annals of bag history, and are still, today, loved by women all over the world.

Now though, Oroton is now more than just a bag brand. Over the years, it has expanded its repertoire to include men’s and women’s shoes, accessories, lingerie and clothing.

I am really proud of the picture perfect combo I came up with, and even gladder that the generous people at Oroton were just as in love with it as I was, and therefore decided to re-make the bag in this exact design for one extremely lucky lady to win.

This is limited edition at its most extreme, because this bag in the milky cream shade with the fuchsia pink zip and matt brass plate is truly one-of-its-kind, and unavailable anywhere else, not in any Oroton store in Singapore or Australia.

Think about that for a while.

Okay, now go ahead and click here to try your luck at winning this bag worth $390.

Good luck!