Fast fashion can be fun, fabulous and furious in its recreation of high-end trends at a low-budget price tag. However, there’s no questioning that the quality is more often than not questionable, and certainly not something that will last you for years the way an investment piece would. 

Image: Showbit 

Since it’s World Recycle Week and Earth Day is imminent, we thought we’d share with you a great piece of advice to help you be more savvy when it comes to shopping sustainably and fashionably. After all, caring about the earth and shopping for the long term has always been in vogue, no matter the year or season.

So here it is, the one question that will have you seriously pondering that next purchase: Would I pass this down to my kids? Fair enough, perhaps kids aren’t in your five-year plan, but we’re sure there’s a niece or other young person in your life that you would consider passing down your most treasured possessions to. This will make you rethink spending your hard-earned dollars on another cheap T-shirt or even those ‘it’ shoes that you want just to show off on Instagram. Are you seriously in love with this piece? Will it even last to be able to pass down to the next generation of sartorially-savvy youngsters? 

This is an amazing question as it will make you stop and consider the quality, fit, longevity of craftsmanship, price point and whether it’s a fad piece or a ‘buy now, wear forever’ investment. As an example, my Mum passed down to me some incredible sheepskin shearling coats from the 70s, as well as camel pea coats and trenches that were all in pristine condition. Of course, back in London where I was brought up, these items are timeless essentials, and it just so happened that people were forking out serious dollar a few seasons back when the shearling coat was the trendy must-have piece. Meanwhile, I was sitting cosy in my vintage, one-of-a-kind sheepskin. Thanks, Mama! 

Investment pieces transcend trends, the currently in-flux fashion calendar and will last for a seriously long time. Jewellery is an obvious investment, but you don’t have to spend loads of money to have a beautiful heirloom piece. There are some gorgeous, affordable and good quality items out there on the high street. Our golden advice regarding items at a lower price point is that generally there is a reason behind their affordability: The materials are probably not natural, the workmanship not as precise etc. Decide what you’re willing to compromise on. For example, say you’ve found the most amazing sequinned top that looks like a dreamy 70s disco piece, but it’s made of polyester. No sweat, just keep it in good condition by hanging it properly in your wardrobe to avoid any sequin-fall and wash it according to instructions. We’re sure it will still be looking fabulous if and when you decide to pass it on to the next gen. 

P.S. If it’s on sale, always ask yourself if you would buy it at full price, and try it on! There’s usually a reason it didn’t sell well, and it may well have to do with the cut and fit.