Credit: Chloe

If you’ve been to Paris, you might have admired the sweet-smelling bouquets from the flower shops that line the banks of River Seine. Now, imagine turning that beautiful bouquet into an everyday scent. With the Chloe Atelier Des Fleurs collection, you can create your very own fragrance bouquet with its range of different scented blooms.

The Chloe Flower Garden

Credit: Chloe

The collection boasts a range of 17 singular floral scents, from Cedrus and Magnolia, to Mimosa and Neroli, and the newly launched Violette and Santalum.

At the heart of each scent is a pared-down expression of one flower, its essence captured and recreated through a blend of top, heart and base notes that brings to mind the image of freshly picked flowers that are full of vitality.

But what makes each fragrance so unique is how each one has its own signature thanks to different perfumers, such as Louise Turner, Quentin Bisch and Amandine Clerc-Marie, working on their favourite flower. You’ll not find two scents that are alike here. In fact, each scent is an olfactory memory of the perfumer that has been inspired by a childhood memory, travel destination or significant moment in their lives; an intimate moment captured in time and bottled to share.

Credit: Chloe

The new additions – Violette and Santalum – are perfect embodiments of this approach. With Violette, perfumer Fanny Bal recreated her childhood memory of being captivated by blossoming violets in her family’s garden. The result is a soft powdery scent mixed with a hint of freshness that mimics the flower’s full-bloomed petals for an easy-to-wear scent.

Perfumer Marypierre Julien pays homage to a sandalwood fan her grandmother brought back from Australia with Santalum. The velvety, rich scent is full of woody notes and milky accents that capture all the sweetness and timeless elegance of sandalwood, making it a warm, classic scent to keep in your perfume wardrobe.

Create your own fragrance bouquet

And just like how a bouquet is filled with a variety of blooms, you can build your own fragrance bouquet in the same way. In fact, it’s what we love most about the collection – each scent is designed to work harmoniously when layered in combinations of two or three to create a fragrance bouquet that you can call your own.

Each singular floral fragrance adds a distinctive facet to the bouquet, going from fresh and green to musky and powdery. Wear your favourite bloom on its own or combine it with another; there are really no rules here.

Each scent is an olfactory memory of the perfumer that has been inspired by a childhood memory, travel destination or significant moment in their lives.

A uniquely Parisian experience

The good news: You don’t have to travel to Paris to create your personalised olfactory bouquet. Designed to bring the Parisian florist experience to you, the Chloe Atelier Des Fleurs pop-up at Raffles City is where you can discover all 17 Chloe Des Fleurs fragrances.

That’s not all: Every Friday to Sunday in November, from 2 to 5pm, you’ll get to enjoy complimentary services when buying a hand-picked fragrance bouquet for your closest or yourself, such as gift wrapping and charm engraving, plus fragrance miniatures and personalised gifts.

Visit the Chloe Atelier Des Fleurs Pop-up Store at #01-40A Raffles City (Open till February 2023).