Rakuten Direct Anchor new

Rakuten Direct is a exclusive fashion section of online store Rakuten Singapore that is specially curated by fashion buyer Sae Katayama

Fellow online shopaholics, we have thrilling news for you. Say “Konnichiwa” (which means “hello” in Japanese) to our latest online shopping option, Rakuten Direct on Rakuten Singapore, straight from fashion nation Japan.

Rakuten, as some of you may already know, is Japan’s number one online mall and has recently launched in Singapore with a little something extra – Rakuten Direct. This fashion section is unique to the Singapore website as it adapts popular Japanese fashion styles to our weather and culture.

To help you score the perfect bargain on Rakuten Direct, we spoke with its in-house fashion curator, Sae Katayama-san.

It’s hard enough to find the right fit for your body shape when you’re shopping at a “real” store, so shopping online is understandably even more difficult. Fret not though, as Sae has some styling tips for almost every body shape.

1. Tall & thin
For those who are tall and thin, consider pieces from the brand, DRWCYS, Sae says. Many of the clothes from this brand have a trimmed waist that flares out to give the illusion of a fuller figure. Or if you want to show off that streamlined figure, you can pick tapered pants, maxi dresses or the Striped Denim Pencil Skirt with Suspenders pictured below that Sae says is really popular in Japan at the moment.

Striped Denim Pencil Skirt with Suspenders

The Striped Denim Pencil Skirt with Suspenders, $158, from DRWCYS is great for showing off your streamlined figure

2. Curvy or Pear-shaped
If you have a curvy or pear-shaped figure, pieces that accentuate your waist are the way to go. The 70’s Retro Skirt from MIIA pictured below is great for both figures as the A-line shape helps to downplay the lower half while emphasising the waist. Plus, the midi skirt is really making a comeback on the runway so this type of skirt is definitely a must-buy.

70's retro skirt

Both curvy and pear-shaped figures can rock this retro midi skirt, $98

Pear-shaped figures, however, should pair this skirt shape with a top that adds more volume, like one with a wide neckline or ruffles around the shoulders to balance out your bottom half. Those with curvy figures should keep the top sleek and close-cut to avoid looking too bulky.  

Bonus: Pair a white skirt with a pastel-coloured top for the colour combination that Sae shares is currently all-the-rage in Japan.

3. Petite

Petite figure, MIIA brand

From left: 3D Flower Booties, $84; Stripe Flower Shorts in Black, $38; Box Skirt in Beige, $76.50

Petite girls can shop the high waisted shorts and skirts as seen above from MIIA that give an illusion of longer legs. Pair them with cute platform booties pictured above from this same brand to make your legs seem even longer. Sae particularly recommends the MIIA Frilled Romper, with cut-outs on the shoulder, pictured below for a classic sweet and feminine Japanese look.

Frilled romper

This sweet Frilled Romper, $116, is perfect for petite ladies who love the feminine Japanese look

Bonus: Throw on sneakers with the romper to get the sporty-girly look that is trending in Japan right now.

Pick clothes that are slightly longer when shopping on Rakuten Direct as Japanese girls tend to be shorter than Singaporean girls, Sae says. The clothes also happen to be more loose-fitting as they have a more conservative culture, though Sae tries to pick more form-fitting pieces for Rakuten Direct to cater to the more daring ladies in Singapore.

The Japanese fashion buyer says that she does realise that when it comes to clothes, the acceptable price range for Singaporeans, around $10 to $30 on average, is lower than for the Japanese, so she tries to find a middle ground. If you still find the pieces from Rakuten Direct a little pricey for you, Sae assures that the additional cost translates into better quality clothes and accessories that will last longer.

As Rakuten Direct has a mixture of many different brands, Sae recommends that you discover which brand has the style and cut of clothes that you like so it’s easier for you to shop. Try to be as specific as possible too when searching for items, using keywords such as “one-piece romper” for example.  

To shop Rakuten Direct, go to http://www.rakuten.com.sg/shop/rakutendirect/ and for more information, follow Rakuten Singapore on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RakutenSG.