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Image: herworldPLUS/8 modern ways to wear a cheongsam, without heels!

Once the goodies begin piling up around the house at this time of the year, Christmas looks like nothing compared to the true Singaporean feast-ive season that is Chinese New Year.

What with all the house visits you’ll have to make and new clothes you’ll have to wear, you want to look nothing short of divine.

Here’s a handy cheatsheet on how to have your pineapple tart, and eat it too:

1. Get smart about colour blocking

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Images: Intoxiquette, Zalora, Ong Shunmugam, Diane von Furstenberg, Net-a-Porter

Although it’s Chinese New Year, you can still find a way to incorporate black into your auspicious wardrobe – by being sneaky about it. Black side panelling gives the trick-eye effect of a slimmer and curvier body as the black portion would ‘fade’ into the background, letting the brighter-coloured printed section do all the work.

Shop the pink dress here and the blue dress here

2. Buy a dress that visually cinches your waist

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A dress that confuses the eyes at the waist the right way is always a winner in every girl’s wardrobe. Visual contrast and criss-crossing straps are the kinds of clever illusions you want to stock up for in the new year.

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3. Peplum top + pencil skirt combo

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This combo never fails to deliver that hourglass “Kim Kardashian”-esque figure! Peplum adds volume just below your waist to make it look smaller (not larger!) and the pencil skirt gives you an instant slimming effect and lifts your booty so it looks like you’ve dedicated hours to sloggin’ it out at the gym.

Shop the green dress here and the yellow dress here

4. A V-neck dress

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A plunging neckline always helps deviate attention away from the tummy area. Look sexy in a wrap dress that hugs you in all the right places to give off a vibe that’s more sophisticated and classy.

The Diane von Furstenberg dress, $830, is available at DVF stores at ION Orchard and Takashimaya.

5. Tailoring to the right proportions

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If you’re wearing separates, make sure the meeting point sits below your waist. If the top is too long, it will highlight a round tummy after that steamboat feast you’re going to have. Get it tailored so it ends not more than an inch below your waist. And if possible, go for boot-cut or wide leg pants that cover your heels for a sleek finish.

Shop the white top here and the black pants here

6. Bright top, dark bottom

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A common mistake people make is to drown themselves in dark colours to look slimmer. Black is not the way to go (not when it’s CNY anyway). Opt for a bold top paired with a dark-coloured bottom. It has a hip-slimming effect that directs attention to your chest area and plays down the emphasis on your bottom, giving you a more balanced overall silhouette.

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