If you’re travelling in the next few months you don’t need to look less than your best; you can actually look perfectly stylish while still being comfortable when you’re travelling these days. After all, you don’t want to look like rubbish when you’re meeting family or friends you’ve not seen for ages, right?

Here are a few ideas we’ve gathered from the epitome of stylish travellers – think models and fashionistas ‒ and tips on how you can get your very own “airport look” just like your favourite K-Pop stars.

This look consists of boyfriend jeans and loose fit sweaters or long-sleeve tees. Add a pair of boots and a tailored jacket – leather is good — if you’re getting off in a cold country. If you’re not going to be meeting anyone but want to stay warm, then you need a nice puffer jacket or loose, oversize knit to add to your look.

How to look stylish but feel comfortable when you travel MODEL OFF DUTY

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Monochrome, which basically means all one colour but is usually thought to mean all black, is great for travelling and is my personal go-to of choice. You can do the #allblackeverything look if you want to, but just as easily do all grey or all denim even. Go for a soft trouser ‒ a nice legging or a pair of the new luxe sweats ‒ paired with an oversize tee plus a long cardigan means you can easily layer up for differing temperatures. Wear with sneakers in the same tone to continue the whole sports-luxe theme.

How to look stylish but feel comfortable when you travel MONOCHROME

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Sometimes you need to go straight from the plane to a party or other event – this always happens to me with work trips. The best way to travel and stay comfy at the same time as well as looking appropriate when you arrive is to go for a nice loose-cut dress (long is always good) with some tights underneath. You can also do the whole sports-luxe look but amp it up by choosing a patterned version of luxe sweats.

How to look stylish but feel comfortable when you travel FLIGHT TO EVENT

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This is what you’ll see editors of important fashion magazines wearing as they dash around the world during fashion month; think skinny jeans, a silk blouse or knit and a major brand bag … plus either posh sneakers (if they’re not French) or unbelievably high shoes (if they are French). You can do the same look with stretch jeans, nice button-up shirt and large scarf. It’s up to you whether you choose sensible sneakers or crazy heels.

How to look stylish but feel comfortable when you travel FASHIONISTA

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