As Marilyn Monroe so famously sung, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”; a sentiment most women would still agree with. But are you as confident about shopping for the best and most glittery diamonds around? Not all diamonds are created equal, after all.

Here’s where the experts come in: Let the Singapore jewellers of JannPaul guide you to the perfect sparkler. Founded in 2009, the local jewellery brand conducts complimentary educational sessions for their customers to help them learn how to select quality diamonds for their collection.

To discover what details to look out for when shopping for these prized gems, the diamond professionals of JannPaul share the tips you must know.

Some girls may boast of the carat size on their engagement rock but the size of this precious stone matters a little less than you might think. The carat size actually indicates the weight of the diamond but not necessarily its width; this matters if it is set on a ring, as you would most frequently view your diamond from its top-view.

To “maximise the carat size” horizontally, some jewellers may cut the diamond too wide to make it appear larger on a ring and give second priority to the “brilliance” of the diamond; basically the extent of how well each diamond can shine. This move can backfire; when a diamond appears less brilliant, it can appear “smaller than it actually is,” say the JannPaul experts.

The four ‘C’s of diamonds — cut, carat, clarity and colour — define how valuable each precious gem will be. But the ‘cut’ is what makes each diamond truly sparkle; it can also create the illusion of a larger diamond. Diamonds can also be cut to hide the natural imperfections or slight flaws that affect the ‘clarity’ of each precious gem. The diamond’s ‘colour’ can also be enhanced when it is cut well, to make it more light-catching, whether you’re indoors under fluorescent lights at the office or outdoors on a sunny day.

A well-cut diamond will have “ideal angles that allow light to be dispersed”, while minimising light leakage; the latter can make select areas of the diamond appear dull and lacklustre. The spotlight commonly used in most stores can be deceptive, which is why your diamond purchase can appear more light-catching than it is but duller the minute you leave the store.

To find out if your diamond can be as glittery outdoors and in store, you can check for “light leakage” and more details of its cut by using funnel-shaped tools like the Ideal and ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool) scopes under fluorescent lighting. Ask for these to be used at your jeweller of choice before making your purchase.

Watch this video to find out more about how to use the ASET scope.

When set on a ring, it’s hard for the average person to tell the difference between a diamond that’s 0.90 carat and another that’s 1 full carat. Smaller diamonds can also look larger than they actually are on slim fingers; a rock that’s between 0.7 to 0.8 carat will appear like a 1 carat stone on a women with slender digits, advises the diamond connoisseurs.

According to JannPaul, the colour grade for diamonds starts with D, followed by E, F G to Z, where D is the most colourless and thus the best grade for diamonds. The less valuable white diamonds will contain a more obvious tint of yellow. To best judge the colour of a diamond, place it next to a spectrum of graded diamonds from D and downwards. View the diamond not from the top but from the side on a white piece of paper, under fluorescent lighting.

Opting for a lower colour grade can also make your diamond ring purchase more affordable, especially if you choose to set your diamond on a gold ring; the slight yellow tint becomes less visible on such a ring setting.

Should you decide to customise the setting of your diamond ring, you’ll get to try it before it’s made at JannPaul — this Singapore jeweller offers life-size wax replicas of the custom-made designs, so that you’re sure to love the actual piece once it’s in your hands. One customer even made a crown-like ring setting inspired by TV show Game of Thrones, to win over the queen of his heart.
JannPaul offers informative sessions between one and a half hour to two hours, so that you’ll be better able to choose the right diamond for you. Book an appointment with them to find out more.
JannPaul is located at 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #01-23, Singapore 238882. Call 6235 3897 or email sales@jannpaul.com to make an appointment. Go to www.jannpaul.com or visit the JannPaul Diamonds Facebook page and YouTube page for more information.