Karang guni – that’s what Pascale Mussard, a sixth generation member of the Hermès family, likened herself to when she addressed the press at the media preview of the Hermès Petit h line at its Liat Towers store.


Sure, similarities can be drawn between the good ol’ rag and bone man and Mussard, who believes in giving life to castaway materials, but we’re pretty sure there’s more than an added dash of glamour and luxury with Mussard’s offerings.

Since she was a kid, Mussard has been given the nickname that meant “Don’t-throw-that-out-it-might-come-in-handy”. While not exactly a hoarder, she finds great inspiration in the link between the past and the unwritten future.

That very inspiration spurred her to bring together reclaimed materials, artists and craftsmen from the Hermès workshops in a single space to invent, create and breathe life to new objects.

The result is a line that is poetic, quirky, whimsical, unexpected yet functional.


Think door stops made with a pebble adorned with a croc leather strap; a statement mirror made with various types of metal and leather; bags, bracelets and even our tradtional childhood game of “five stones” made with the signature Hermès silk twill used for their scarves; plus a jewellery holder in a shape of a horse made with leather.

The fusing of these great minds from the Hermès family  – from the artists to the craftsmen – has given birth to a truly collaborative line, and created art pieces that are a sight to behold.

If you’re looking for a statement art piece in your home that doubles up as something functional, look no further than the Petit h line – every single item you see, is bound to be a conversation starter.

And if you can’t seem to find any spare change for the items, you can still head down for a look – the entire first floor of the store has been converted to showcase the Petit h line – just to bear witness to these unique and fascinating creations. (Remember to check out the giant leather panda in the middle of the store as well as the massive orange leather rabbit!)

Mussard left us with these poetic words that sums up her dream project which came true to life.

“It boils down to something very simple – good sense. A love for beauty, a love for use, a love for honesty and integrity, a love for elegance and the invisible beauty of materials and know-how.”

We concur.

The Hermès Petit h line is available at the Hermès boutique located at Liat Towers from July 26 – August 11 2013.