When someone asks you why you work, your gut reaction may be to say: “For money.” And why not?
That’s the traditional way of thinking about things – we work to earn money to fund the things we really want to do. But these days, most of us spend far more time at work than at home – and that has in turn caused a shift in Gen 2 workers when it comes to earning a living.
The new approach? Working for values, which means considering what’s important to you and finding a job that fits in with your beliefs and is fulfilling and meaningful. Hong Kong brand G2000 dubs this: “Working for a better me, for a better we.”
Here are just some inspiring individuals who are working for themselves:
Cindy Crawford’s son, Presley Gerber, is one of the hottest models in the world right now. At just 17, he’s already starred in global campaigns for major brands and been featured in many a high-end fashion magazine. Now, he makes his first foray into Asia with this breakout campaign for G2000.
He works for confidence and self-respect, as well as gratitude, and he’s constantly reminded of this by the “be grateful” tattoo on his arm. “I am truly grateful about what we have. Living gracefully is a way to respect your life,” he says.
Other faces of the Working for values campaign include Nicholas Ng, founder of The Food Bank Singapore. His organisation spearheads initiatives such as the B Breakfast Cereal Programme, which distributes food to 100,000 disadvantaged people every year. He works for humanity.
There’s also cross-media artist Kearan Pang, who works for art; award-winning architect Jaye Irving, who works for green design; and social entrepreneur Carol Chyau, who works for hope.
The point of this exercise? G2000 hopes that this campaign will inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and live out their values. The brand is also going through something of a shift in its approach to design. While it still focuses on everyday workwear, it’s designing for the new generation you’ve just been acquainted with above.
For them, there’s a blurry line between the items in their work and home wardrobes. So G2000 has updated its designs to be more business-casual, meaning you can effortlessly go from a work meeting to a dinner date or gallery opening without worrying about what you wear.
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