On-trend designs with a romantic twist is the best way to describe the style of popular Korean shoe brand Spur, which is loved by K-Pop singers and actresses.

But probably even more exciting for most of us, is that these hand-crafted shoes are also known for being both super comfortable and really affordable. The first stand-alone Spur boutique will be opening at Plaza Singapura in the mall’s new, hip, extension on February 6, 2013.

Korean shoe brand Spur now in Singapore DECOR
Two examples of Spur’s signature Spur Emblem collection

Founded in 2009 by a company with experience in making luxury shoes, Spur has built up a reputation for quality shoes that are on-trend but also pretty – a perfect match for Hallyu and K-Pop style.

Just some of the Hallyu Wave stars who’ve been associated with Spur include Yuri from Girl’s Generation and the members of Wonder Girls and Kara, as well as Kim Jungah from After School, actresses Han Hyo-Joo, Ji Hyun-Woo, Kim Gyu-ri and Kim Nam-Joo, as well as all-round K-Idol, Yoon Eun-Hye.

The design team behind Spur like to describe the brand as “expressing a girl’s fantasy through a pair of shoes”, and with wallet-friendly prices like $108 for super cute flats, and only $139 for concealed heel flats, these shoes are sure to make your fashion fantasies come true.

These “concealed” flats are really very clever; there is a 1cm concealed heel in a ballet flat that not only adds an extra bit of height, but makes the wearer more comfortable too, since a perfectly flat shoe gives no support. Spur also specialises in cute 6cm heels, which are perfect for work.

All in all, Spur shoes are a great mix of comfort, style and affordability; and interestingly they also have a bit of a cult factor with some styles selling out within days in Japan. So, make sure you pop down to Plaza Singapura to get your hands on a pair of Spur shoes before they all sell out.

The Spur store opens on February 6, 2013, at Plaza Singapura, #04-32, in the new extension. The store will carry Spur’s signature ranges including its Spur Emblem classics with the SR-SR logo, the Concealed Heel flats, the 6cm Heels, Resort and Mom & Daughter. For more information about Spur, go to www.spurmall.com.