The Ascenté customised diamonds collection has been launched by Goldheart Jewelry as a symbolic recognition of modern discerning women and their achievements.

In the same way each woman beats out her unique path to success, the Goldheart Ascenté diamond is crafted with sophisticated customised cuts to create the perfect emerald shape that is distinct from any other diamond.

Goldheart Ascente diamond collection DECOR

The Goldheart Ascenté emerald-shaped diamond is not to be confused with an emerald-cut diamond. While the latter is the product of a standard step cut, every Goldheart Ascenté diamond is cut according to its individual composition and shape to portray its maximum brilliance so that it far surpasses the regular emerald-cut diamond.

The natural emerald shape and rectangular face of the diamonds ensure topmost clarity. To further refine quality, the final few to be transformed into Goldheart Ascenté diamonds must also fall within the top four levels of the color scale.

These gems are then carved into perfection using customised cuts and additional tapered cuts at their edges. The conscientious craftsmanship aims to maximise the brightness of each Goldheart Ascenté diamond with an eye to detail.

The Goldheart Ascenté diamond is the perfect adornment for a modern woman, representing each woman’s individual style.

The Goldheart Ascenté diamond collection is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a highly reputable independent laboratory, and is currently available in selected Goldheart boutiques including Goldheart ION Orchard B2-65, Tel: 6509 8832, Goldheart International Building #01-18, Tel: 6735 0689, and Goldheart Wisma Atria B1-30, Tel: 6235 7543. To find out more about the new Goldheart Ascenté diamond collection, please visit, or view its concept commercial on YouTube. You can follow Goldheart Jewelry on Facebook at, and on Twitter at @goldheartjewel.