If you know anything about Furla brand ethos, it has always been about elegance and playful originality.

True to that, Furla is taking customisation of its bags to the next level this fall.

And what that means for us is, more fun ways to carry a regular bag.

You might already be familiar with My Play Furla flaps that can be swapped around with its iconic Furla Metropolis bags. But this fall, Furla is introducing for the first time interchangeable straps from the My Play Furla collection that you can get creative with too.

For Fall/Winter ‘18, Furla wants you to have a big sporty attitude. It draws inspiration from sports like fencing, boxing and tennis to ice skating, which can be seen vividly through the velvet design of the flap for the Metropolis Mini Crossbody bag with dancing prints and embellishments.

The collection’s colour palette is also well-defined with cherry red, white and black – the three colours typical of sports imagery.

Magia M Satchel
The classic Metropolis has a revamped size in the Magia M Satchel and it comes with leather straps, each customisable in terms of length and style from coloured studs to eco-fur to leather with various graphic prints, again inspired by sports.


Mini Crossbody Furla Metropolis Message bags
If you are into logomania but you’re not into something that’s too in your face, Furla’s designs are crafted artfully and tastefully on the Mini Crossbody Furla Metropolis Message bags with writings on flaps inspired by each sport, for  example, fencing:  “En garde!” or “Take off your mask!”.

The best part about owning one of these Furla Metropolis bags is that if you change your mind about a colour of a bag, there’s always the option to change things up simply by swapping the flap or strap.

My Play Furla
My Play Furla flaps and straps are interchangeable on five different bag shapes with the following starting prices:

  • Metropolis Mini Crossbody Body – $480
  • Metropolis S Pochette Body –  $515
  • Metropolis S Crossbody Body – $590
  • Metropolis Magia S Crossbody – $770
  • Metropolis Magia M Satchel – $1,070

My Play Furla flap starts from $125 up to $355 (in basic colours to embellished pieces).

Customisable Magia

Customisable Magia bags come with own basic flaps so you get two flaps for the price you pay.

We can’t wait to get experimental with our Furla bags. What about you? 

The Fall/Winter’ 18 bag collection is already in stores.