1. Navy blue suit

If you’re looking to own one classic suit, then pick navy, which fits all occasions thanks to its crowd-pleasing shade. It’s less severe than black or grey and it looks just as flattering on a woman.

2. White shirt

A crisp clean white shirt is a blank canvas that will always be a winner no matter the pairing.

3. Denim straight-cut jeans

Skinny, flare or bellbottom jeans may have a trending shelf-life but the straight-cut jeans are classic and definitely one to share with your other half if you’re the same size.

4. Khaki trousers

It may be associated with a preppy look or summer vacation, but it’s all about succinct pairings. Look sharp for that boardroom meeting by adding a tie to this classic ensemble of khaki trousers and a tailored white shirt. For ladies, accents of architectural gold jewelry will elevate the look of these casual pants.

5. Blue Oxford shirt


A closet staple for most men, especially in a corporate setting. On a woman, the blue oxford shirt exudes a dressed-down appeal. Think typical French girl style – skinny blue jeans, a string of pearls and ballerina pumps.

6. Smart loafers

These are the only dress shoes a man really needs. They look sharp with a suit as well as a simple t-shirt and jeans combo. Women can style the loafers with an androgynous flair or even with a floral dress. Both styles give a refreshing take on this masculine footwear.

7. Grey knit

There’s something undeniably chic about a grey knitwear. Worn with tailored black trousers and a pair of pointed pumps, this is an outfit that works for both work and going out with friends. The same look works for guys as well – just swap your footwear to a pair of shiny black oxfords.

This article was originally published in The Business Times Singapore.