Front Row celebrates its 7th anniversary with a flash sale featuring seven iconic Front Row items, retailing at their original prices when the store first opened at Ann Siang Hill in 2005.

From December 1 – 7, A.P.C Raw Denim Jeans (right) will be on sale for $250 instead of its usual price of $315, while A.P.C Black Coated Denim jeans will go for $280 instead of the usual price of $340. Get the FLYNOW Glitter series of tops and dresses from $150 to $200, down from the original price of $360 and above.

On sale until December 31 are Front Row accessories like the Pitch Swivel ring going for $100 instead of the usual $150, Utt’er X Frank bracelets at $45–nearly a half-price discount–and Utt’er Classic Tees selling at $35.