In a perfect world, we would all have an unlimited budget to spend on whatever we like. Alas, reality doesn’t usually work out that way.

I am sure many of us have experienced moments where we have to cut back on our spending, due to bills, loans, obligations or a change in lifestyle. In times like these, it’s best to let your fashion spending take a backseat.

That being said, we have identified 5 types of things that you should not buy if you are on a tight budget.

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1. Sales items just because they are on sale

Almost every other store and e-commerce site are having a sale right now and it can be really tempting to buy something that’s heavily discounted. A pair of designer shoes for less than $300? I’d go crazy over that.

But before you take the plunge and swipe your credit card, ask yourself this: Were you already looking for this specific item even before the sale started? If the answer is no, chances are you don’t really need it. Save the money for something that you really love and need.

2. Subscription boxes 

The recurring, physical delivery of clothes and accessories on a monthly basis can be really worth it if the retail value of the items that you are getting usually exceeds the subscription amount you pay for.

However, there is also the risk where the items in the box are not suitable for you, so you end up paying for a bunch of new items that are of no use to you. And more often than not, you don’t really need them. Think about it, do you really need five new tops every month?

3. Multipacks 

The idea of getting more items for a lower price is very enticing. A pack three of T-shirts for $50 versus an individual piece at $20 might seem like you’re saving money by buying more at a time. If you focus purely on the numbers, obviously a $15 T-shirt is cheaper than a $20 T-shirt. But you end up giving 30 more of your dollars to the retailer. Were you intending to buy three when you walked into the store?

The truth is, the more you buy the more you spend. Consider if the savings are more than offset by the fact that you may buy more than needed, especially more so when you are on a budget. That one T-shirt would most likely suffice for awhile.

4. Items that you’ve never tried on physically, from a website that you have never purchased from

During this season, there are many overseas sites conducting sales. However, make sure to check the shipping rates before you purchase anything. The prices of the items might be cheaper than buying them in store locally but if shipping and handling are expensive, it might add up to being more expensive.

Besides, buying something that you are not familiar with might cause you to face sizing issues. You may need to return them and if they don’t provide free return services, shipping costs can go up to hundreds of dollars.

5. Something you already have 

The rationale behind this point is quite similar to buying items in bulk. If you already own a similar item to something you want to buy in a store, skip it. Unless you desperately need to replace a pair of trousers that has a gaping hole, now is not the time to purchase a spare piece.

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