Multi-label store Lula Rock celebrates individuality ‒ you won’t find designer household names at this shop, but chances are the unfamiliar names on the tags will be the next big thing in fashion.

Zooming in on designers from Asia and Australia, Lula Rock showcases carefully curated collections from established labels like Sretsis from Thailand and cult favourites along the line of Australia’s Stolen Girlfriend’s Club and Karla Spetic. Emerging designers like Malaysia’s Jonathan Liang also find a spot on the Lula Rock racks. The current Spring Summer 2013 collections in store are no exception.

Kem Issara Spring Summer 2013 “Aquatic Dreams”

Hailing from Bangkok, is young Thai designer Kem Issara. The muse for her eponymous line’s Spring Summer 2013 collection is a grown-up Ariel the Little Mermaid. Aptly named “Aquatic Dreams”, the collection boasts thigh-high slit maxi skirts and wide-leg silk trousers that move like a mermaid’s tail and Issara experiments with tightly gathered, hand-torn frills to replicate underwater flora and fauna.

Jonathan Liang Spring Summer 2013 “Elixirs”

If you are more inclined to follow trends, Jonathan Liang’s “Elixirs” collection is right up your alley with see-through – a Spring Summer 2013 trend – details. Sheer panels inspired by an abandoned greenhouse feature on each piece. Femininity is emphasised in the form of floral digital-prints and also 3D digitally manifested pansies.

Looks from Timo Weiland Spring 2013 runway show

Sheer details also make an appearance in Timo Weiland’s Spring 2013 collection – a surprising American find amidst the Asian and Australian designers at Lula Rock. Besides sheer panels, painted chevron stripes are juxtaposed with a digital houndstooth print while crystal embellishment and sheer rubber are tailored into modern, sleek shapes.

Gail Sorronda Spring/Summer 2013 “Lighthouse”

For the strict minimalist, emerging Australian designer Gail Sorronda cuts to the chase in her Spring Summer 2013 collection “Lighthouse”. Play peekaboo in clean lines with strategically placed cut-outs and the occasional flounce and ruffle that eject just a touch of drama.

Kem Issara, Jonathan Liang and Gail Sorronda Spring Summer 2013 collections and Timo Weiland Spring 2013 collection are available at Lula Rock, #02-07 Palais Renaissance.

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