Sometimes when you’re shopping online you really just want to be able to touch a handbag, feel the quality of a shirt or try on a pair of shoes. The lack of tactile input when shopping online is just about its only drawback, which is probably why a number of online stores have some kind of offline outlet.

doorstep luxury opens boutique DECOR EXTERIOR

Now one of Singapore’s best online stores, Doorstep Luxury, has joined the “real world” with its own bricks “n” mortar store at 163 Telok Ayer Street – right under the company’s office and previous showroom space (pictured above and below).

doorstep luxury opens boutique DECOR INTERIOR 1
doorstep luxury opens boutique DECOR INTERIOR 2

Shoppers who really need to feel, touch and try on items from brands like Ling Wu, Castañer, Leghila, Marilyn Tan, Tulola, Azyra, Carrie K, Cambridge Satchel Company, Tui and Mileti Swimwear (something you always need to try on) will be able to pop into the 1,200 sq ft Doorstep Luxury store.

On top of this, the store will be where Doorstep Luxury will be holding introductions to its new brands; coming soon will be hot names like Alex Monroe, TF Slack Shoemakers and Rebecca Minkoff!

Check out the new Doorstep Luxury boutique at 163 Telok Ayer Street or go to to shop online. You can also get the latest updates via Facebook or follow the team on Twitter at @doorstepluxury.