Chocoolate x Disney Tsum Tsum Collection 2014. Image: Chocoolate

You know you’re a grown woman in full control of your wallet, but occasionally, there’s an irresistibly cute item that will be your Kryptonite, no matter what your age.

Here comes the Disney collection that will melt your stoic OL heart — meet the Chocoolate x Disney Tsum Tsum collection 2014, set to hit i.t stores from December 11, 2014.

It’s adapted from the popular Tsum Tsum mobile app that you’ve not-so-secretly been playing during lunch breaks; players match these adorably flat and round faces as fast as they can to hit the top scores possible in this puzzle game.

These are the same too-cute bubbly faces on everything from sneakers and sweatshirts to bedroom slippers, socks, phone cases and more for this new collab collection.

To help you along, we’ve picked out the most adorable items to shop for, in the gallery below. If it helps with your guilt trip, these could easily be Christmas gifts for your beloved nieces and nephews too; you’ll save at least some items for them, won’t you?

Shop for the Chocoolate x Tsum Tsum collection 2014, priced from $23.90 to $179, from December 11, 2014 at i.t Bugis Junction, #02-11 and i.t Orchard Gateway, #01-18.