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Tired of monochrome patterns and boring, dull colours on your bags? Spice up your #ootd with a colourful, cute bag or accessory! If you love floral patterns and bright colours, you’ll want to check out these really pretty and functional offerings.

Here are some of our favourite pieces that are perfect for work and cute enough to carry for a night out with your friends afterwards.

CK Spray Flowers Gadget Case.jpg

Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Gadget Case, $32
If you’re the kind to rummage through your enormous bag whenever you want to look for your camera or phone, you should probably invest in a smaller case that can fit in your handbag. You’ll be able to organise and keep your gadgets from being scratched by your keys and other stray items in your bag. The spray flowers gadget case is the perfect size to fit both your phone and camera and is super handy as it stores your cables too! If you’ve recently splurged a bit on buying a cute camera for yourself, why not keep it in an equally pretty case too?

CK Garden Rose Busy Bag.jpg

Cath Kidston Garden Rose Busy Bag, $189.
Don’t like buying mini bags because they’re too small to fit everything you need? The busy bag is the perfect size as it is not too bulky, but is wide enough to fit a tablet, daily necessities and even your gym outfit and shoes. If you’re easily annoyed by bags with thin straps that constantly slip off your shoulders, the thick cross body strap will definitely keep this bag on. The garden rose design on the bag is also classically vintage and matches well with work outfits.

LeSportsac backpack.jpg

Marion Floral LeSportsac Voyager Backpack, $320.
LeSportsac collaborates with popular stationery writing brand Rifle Paper Co. to put a girly, sweet twist on their popular nylon bags. If you’re more of a backpack kind of girl, you’ll find that this bag will be able to fit almost everything you need. This bag will help you stay organised with its many compartments and the outer pockets on the bag will help you make sure that you always have space for your wallet, keys, makeup and even a water bottle!

CK Oxford Rose Embossed Handbag Tote.jpg

Cath Kidston Oxford Rose Embossed Handbag Tote, $214.
If you’re looking for a more casual looking bag to take to work on lazy days, this handbag tote will do the job. The shape of the bag is simple and its PVC coating is really practical. You can simply throw everything you need in this medium-sized tote and head out the door within seconds. The Oxford Rose design is also a personal favourite, with retro floral prints that are not so bright it looks showy and with warm, muted tones. If you’re just starting to step out of your comfort zone of dull colours, this design will make a subtle difference, and it will not look too young either.

LeSportsac weekender.jpg

Marion Floral LeSportsac Large Weekender, $315.
Going for a short business trip or weekend staycation? Instead of dragging a half empty suitcase around, why not invest in this weekender? It’s large enough to fit everything you need for a short trip and the lightweight material of the bag will not weigh you down. Also, if you tend to overpack when going on trips, bringing a weekender will make sure that you only have enough space to bring along your bare essentials so you won’t end up lugging things back and fro, even if you’re only gone for two days.

CK business bag.jpg

Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Three Part Business Bag, $269.
If you’re always working on the go, this bag will fit everything you need. This functional bag is a laptop case (which fits a 15 inch laptop), handbag and work bag rolled into one. The large compartments in this bag makes it easy for you to sort out your personal documents from work documents and the smaller storage spaces allows you to keep your knick knacks safely. The crossbody strap is also detachable so you can hold the bag like a briefcase and look super stylish while being professional.

LeSportsac hailey.jpg

Joy LeSportsac Hailey Tote, $180.
This bag has got to be one of the cutest from the LeSportsac and Rifle Paper Co collection. Unlike the other bags, this tote is simple and not completely covered with a floral pattern. If you were looking at the other bags and going ‘I’m not sure I want to carry that much floral with me’, why not get this one? This tote bag is perfect if you’re going to the beach or just for a walk in the park as it’ll look really good with a casual, summer outfit!

If you’re like me, and most of the things you own are in safe shades of black, white and blue, why not add a little colour to your usual outfits with these elegant floral patterns?

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