It’s almost like an Easter egg hunt but with bigger prizes at stake.

In the spirit of its “live young” slogan, Evian launches a playful bottle collection contest: grab the right set of evian bottles and you’ll get to win dining vouchers, cash prizes and more.

Evian pop up store Evian bottle hunt prizes
The Evian pop-up store at ION Orchard and the Evian-a-day game prizes

In its Evian-a-day game, the French mineral water brand has planted special edition “days-of-the-week” bottles all around Singapore. Keep an eye out for these specially-labelled “day” bottles at supermarkets and convenience stores, then bring these thirst-quenchers to the Evian pop-up store to redeem your prize.
Evian day bottles, promotion
It’s a sure-win purchase: you’ll walk away with a mini 330ml Evian bottle just by producing any one of these Evian “day” bottle.

Two “Wednesday” bottles will get you an Evian facial mist spray.

Redeem limited edition evian bottles with a “Wednesday”-”Friday”-”Saturday” trio of bottles or a “Monday” to “Friday” five-bottle set.

Celebrate T.G.I.F at the Evian pop-up store: exchange two “Friday” bottles for a quirky Live Young Evian Baby T-shirt.  

Then look forward to the weekend by collecting a set of “Friday”, “Saturday” and “Sunday” Evian bottles. These bottles may very well win you a $300 dining voucher from The Lo and Behold group, which manages Loof, Overeasy, The White Rabbit and Tanjong Beach Club.

If you’re really persistent  — or just plain lucky — with this Evian bottle hunt, you’ll stand to win a trip for two to the Evian Spa Resort in Tokyo. Collect a complete set of “Monday” to “Sunday” bottles to enter the lucky draw for this all-expense-paid trip to Japan; the first five to do so will win a cool $1,000 in cash too.

The Evian “day” bottles retail at $2 each at the Evian pop-up store. The pop-up store is located at the ION Orchard atrium; promotion ends April 22, 2012. Visit for more information.