Wearable tech is totally a thing for 2015 and now there are some stylish, but practical options when it comes to integrating tech into your daily wardrobe. The most obvious of which is the sudden proliferation about handbags that can be used to recharge your mobile phones.

There’s the luxe end of the market like Ralph Lauren’s Ricky Bag with Light at about $6,608 (and it comes with a light to help you see inside your bag too) and now Australian brand Handbag Butler has launched a range of zip pouches (that you can use as clutches or carry in your other bags) and a sling-bag in a huge range of colours that will charge your mobile phone too – and at much more reasonable prices.

Charge your mobile phone with MightyPurse DECOR 1

The original “Mighty Purse”, $148, is compatible will all smartphone brands and comes in leather or pony hide with colours like poppy pink, tangerine orange, squeaky yellow, icy purple, black shimmer, cafe au lait, grey shimmer, cream, powder blue, ruby red, gold shimmer and bronze. The emerald green, almond brown and lizard grey colour ways are made of untreated leather so that they will age and look more vintage over time.

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxe to use as a special occasion clutch, the Premium collection, $158, is available in reptile, snake and diamond stamped leather with textured colours like zebra or leopard ponyhair and additional leather trims.

Charge your mobile phone with MightyPurse DECOR 2

For people looking for more of a hands-free experience can go for the X-Body collection of bags, $188, that come in two versions – single or double pocket styles – that are also in leather and come in black, tan and blush; the Sport Luxe collection, $148, is made of wet-look quilted nylon with a leather trim and can be worn as a cross-body bag or a clutch (the strap is removable).

All of the various Mighty Purse bags are able to charge your phone via a rechargeable battery using a micro-USB connection for phones from Samsung, HTC, LG and other Android phones. If you’ve got an iPhone, you will also need to get the MightyPurse Apple Licensed Adapter Kit, $6. Plus, there is a one year warranty on these bags.

So, if you’re planning on being permanently attached to your phone (and who isn’t?) then getting hold of one of these practical but very pretty pouches is paramount.

Handbag Butler’s MightyPurse pouches and sling-bags are available from shop.sheshops.com/shop/designer/handbag-butler and priced from $148 to $188. The Apple Licensed Adaptor Kit costs $6.