Casio’s Baby-G series of watches has added a new collection to its popular shock-resistant timepieces. The new BG-6903 watches retain the iconic features of Baby-G watches, but this time with the needs of passionate women runners in mind.

The Casio BG-6903 watch collection comes in three different colour combinations that will complement your running wear so you can look fabulous even when you are pounding the pavement.

Casio Baby G BG-6903 watches DECOR

The distinctive feature of the Casio BG-6903 watch is the arrow motif with a Y-framed tail that stretches horizontally across the centre of the watch face. This stylistic design also serves the practical purpose of dividing the face into two segments. While the lower segment indicates the time of the day, you can programme the watch to record and display the lap time prominently within the upper segment during an intensive run.

The Casio BG-6903 watch is designed to be your companion in your training regime. In addition to the shock- and water-resistant features symbolic of Baby-G watches, the BG-6903 watch incorporates a lap/split-time function that can help you regulate your running pace.

This function can also keep an extensive record of your progress by enabling up to 60 lap times to be stored in the memory. For the night runners, the BG-6903 also highlights a sophisticated auto-EL light feature which automatically illuminates the watch face with just a tilt of your wrist.

In line with the trendy, sporty image of Baby-G watches, the Casio BG-6903 watch collection is available in three vivacious colours – black strap with light blue designs, dark pink strap with baby pink designs, and white strap with lime green designs.

This watch not only adds a fashionable touch to your sportswear, but also provides a comprehensive range of functions to enhance your running experience. It is the ideal timepiece to serve your running and fashion needs.

The Casio BG-6903-1 watch (Black), Casio BG-6903-4 watch (Pink), and Casio BG-6903-7 watch (White) are all priced at $139.00 each. The BG-6903 collection is available at the G-Shock concept store at Plaza Singapura #03-63, Tel: 6238 9379, all Casio G-Factory outlets, and authorised City Chain retailers. For more information about Baby-G watches, please go to You can also follow the brand on Facebook at, on Twitter at, or on Pinterest at