Confession: I am a serial sale shopper. This means I’m always hunting for sales and when I find one, I rarely step out of the store without a purchase — unless it was a lousy sale.

It may sound strange but I feel smug whenever I tell my friends that I’m wearing a COS sweater that I bought at 70 per cent off its original price. Or the navy jacket from the Uniqlo X Lemaire collection that I got for less than $50. Simply put, I wear every sale item like a badge of honour.

Even though sale shopping had always been fun for me, it eventually turned my bedroom into a nightmare. As my purchases grew over the years, I had to expand my ‘territory’ in my house. My parents were forced to share their closets (which they rarely used anyway) with me. As a result, I was keeping my clothes in three (yes, three!) separate wardrobes over the past 10 years. 

If that doesn’t sound bad enough, wait until you hear how my clothes were spilling out of the three closets. I have had no choice but to hang my newer clothes on their knobs. It was a messy sight that turned into an eyesore that I kept ignoring… right until last week when my phone pinged suddenly. 

It was a reminder that I’d set in 2015, resolving to clean up those wardrobes. Then it struck me — I had to do something about it. Like, right now. Consumed by an overwhelming guilt, I  approached my first cabinet and peeled racks of beloved tee shirts and pants from their hangers. 

I knew I had to throw them away — it was now or never — but the hoarder in me refused to oblige. After all, there must be some occasion that I would wear that flannel shirt or oversized cardigan right? 

Then I recalled a decluttering method that I saw on a television programme which taught viewers to ask themselves one question when they’re dumping old clothes: “Will I still be wearing this within a year? If the answer is no, toss it away.”

That was exactly what I did and six laborious hours of packing later, I finally succeeded and emptied two of my closets. It felt extremely tiring but it was also very satisfying. As somebody who loves his clothes more than anything else, I never thought I’d be happy to see my closets being emptied out.  

So, if you find it hard to part with your beloved clothes, just remember to ask yourself that one question when you’re spring cleaning and you’ll be sorted. 

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