The most familiar sounds a millennial will recognise from their youth? Cheesy ‘90s boy band music, the tinkle of the ice cream truck uncle’s bell and of course, the sound of velcro sneakers. And not just any pair of sneakers, we’re referring to Bata’s iconic pair that we wore during our primary and secondary days.

As with every brand that’s aiming to target a slice of the millennial spending pie, Bata’s Autumn/ Winter collection is made for the age group – a collection that’s fun but utilitarian, stylish but not contrived and easy on the wallet as nothing’s over $100.

The Bata Satchel – $39.95

Originally designed 400 years ago, the satchel bag is one of the few bag shapes that’s withstood the test of time. Why? It keeps your hands free, without sacrificing personal style. Bata’s version comes in quilted leather and in three colours – a creamy beige, rosy brown and blue.

The Bata Tote – $49.95

We’ve covered the benefits of a tote bag before and we know that everybody owns at least one. If you don’t, Bata’s version comes in black and army green and is the best of two bag worlds – it’s the combination of a tote and bucket bag.

The Embellished Skate Sneaker – $49.95

It’s hard to deny that skate culture has seeped into our everyday lives but what makes these Bata skate sneakers so great? Their satin finishing and flower embroidery ups the skate shoe ante and it comes in brown, green and black.

The Bow Sneaker – $43.95

There’s no other reason to purchase these other than the fact that they are too cute to be true and with a choice of three fairly neutral shades (peach, grey and black), they’ll fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

The Satin Plimsolls – $39.95

Originally an athletic shoe known as the “sand shoe” as they were developed for going to the beach, Bata’s rendition comes with a strappy design, a satin finish and in three colours (brown, blue and green).

The Comeback Kid – $69.95 for the low-cut and $79 for the high tops

Originally designed in the ‘70s, the iconic Bata Bullets makes its 2017 comeback without sacrificing what made them so great – a simple minimalist design, a premium canvas upper and a rubber outsole for durability.