Sometimes it’s hard to tell someone how you feel, especially if the other person is as shy as you are. Which is why these bracelets from jewellery label The Love Verse could just be the perfect gift.

Created by Stefanie Lischka, who is based in Vienna but spent three years in Singapore, and her business partner Andrea Weidlich, these contemporary bracelets come inscribed with various messages – Pure Love or Love & Destiny for example – and with a range of colours to fit your beloved.

The Love Verse Love bracelets green purple pink
The Love Verse Love bracelets box
Examples of the various messages and ribbon colours available from The Love Verse (above top) and the special packaging the bracelets come in.

Engraved gold or silver bands are fitted with satin ribbons of two different widths and joined with two rings – to “remind us of the unique bond of all soul mates having found their way to each other through the drawing power of destiny” say Stefanie and Andrea, and finished with a “lucky” knot that is a “symbol for eternal love”.

According to the designers, the idea behind these bracelets is to “believe in love and you will attract love”; they are obviously jewellers who think the message is as important as the execution.

On top of these lovely messages, there’s also a “love of humanity” message. A part of the profits from the sale of the Love bracelets goes to CARE, a humanitarian organisation that fights global poverty.

The Love bracelets are currently only available online from The Love Verse. The bracelets cost between €65 (S$110) for the silver versions and €120 (S$200) for the limited edition rose gold Love & Destiny bracelet.

If you’re looking for something unique for Valentine’s Day, or even if you just want to tell someone you love them, try a Love bracelet.

Love bracelets are available from The Love Verse on The website ships to Singapore for a flat fee of €15 for standard shipping and finishing of the bracelets can take up to 3 days so if you need one for a special occasion it’s worth making sure you order well in advance. You can also contact the team directly via their Facebook page, email or Tel: +43 699 111 80 703.