We’ve spoken about Bata before and how the brand is doing great shoes – fun but utilitarian, stylish but never contrived and very easy on our wallets because nothing’s over $100.

But, like every contemporary brand out there, it’s not enough to ace the game you’re in. You have to give customers something unexpected and that’s exactly what the Swiss brand did when they announced a collaboration with Canadian shoe brand Aldo last year.

The premise of their second collection remains the same but the only change? Even more accessible yet stylish footwear inspired by the streets of New York and London. We think they look great even if you’re just headed to Orchard Road.

Pretty In Pastels.

We’re not sick of pastel pink  – how it looks good on clothing, how it seems to make sweeten the look of cosmetic products and even how rose quartz crystals seem to up our flat lay game. Bata’s Pretty in Pastels selection has three styles for three different moods: block heels for work, stilettos for parties and loafers for the weekend.

From left: Siena, $49.95, Katie, $49.95, and Tatyana, $46.95.


Formal Finesse

French designer Jacquemus brought this ladylike shoe style to trend in the recent seasons and so has every shoe brand out there. But how does Bata make a seemingly prissy shoe less boring and stiff? An urban chic edge with monochrome or neutral colours.

Valencia and Claire, $49.95.


Edgy Partywear

Don’t be fooled by the collection’s name – the deep chocolate brown base and seemingly nautical straps looks as good at the beach as it does when you’re pounding hard on the dance floor.

From left: Melody and Annalisa, $59.95.

The Bata Red Label Phase 2 collection is now in stores and online.