New accessories label carryallJAMES was created by three friends-turned-business partners with the aim of creating the “perfect tote bag”.

The two Singaporeans and one Hong Konger came together over the fact they were all looking for something to carry all our modern day paraphernalia – the smart phones, iPads, keys, jewellery, makeup pouches, notes, etc, etc that we all seem to need to drag around with us.

Carryalljames: STOWAWAY tote in canvas and nappa
The carryallJAMES Stowaway tote bag in in canvas and nappa leather

Although the brand is technically oriented towards men, the classic designs of the carryallJAMES bags mean they’re perfectly unisex.

“The tote is unisex, direct and fuss-free. The tote is a universally-understood carryall. It is exactly with this style attitude that this debut collection will showcase a range of well-made, high quality luxury tote bags for men – and women – at mid-upper prices,” says the carryallJAMES guys.

In the run-up to the brand launch, the team carried around the tote prototypes for over a year to work out all the kinks and make design changes. The result is a product that works well, looks great and really does “carry all” your stuff.

There are two ranges and three versions: The East-West, which is the largest at 24in (base) x 15in (height) x 4.5in (depth), the North-South that’s medium sized and the Stowaway which is a longer, more rectangular shape.

All three versions come in either the Luxe line that’s made of nappa leather combined with exotic skins like water snake, python and pony and are fully-lined with leather. The Casual range combines leather with canvas, denim, rubber and cashmere and is lined with cotton oxford.

Prices range from $339 to $899 for the Luxe bags and $239 to $339 for the Casual range. All carryallJAMES tote bags are individually hand-made and finished and have a number of pockets, including one with a zip.

So, are the carryallJAMES’ bags the perfect tote? Pretty much. They are certainly among the most stylish and affordable around.

But if you’re interested though, you’d better get in quickly as the carryallJAMES tote bags are only going to be available from The Touch at the Mandarin Hotel Shopping Gallery until February 15, 2012. Although they will be available at a later date at from April, 2012.

You’ll also be able to create your own custom version online with unique materials, although they will cost more, up to four times more depending on the materials you choose.

Still, getting your own, personalised perfect tote bag has got to be worth it.

carryallJAMES tote bags are available from The Touch, #04-24, Mandarin Hotel Shopping Gallery, until February 15, 2012. carryallJAMES tote bags will be available online at from April, 2012. For more information about carryallJAMES you can also check out the brand’s Facebook page.