If there is one thing most Singapore girls have in common, it is their love for luxury labels. I am, of course, part of that contingent. I am a strong advocate of spending on designer bags because I believe that it is a wardrobe investment that goes a long way.

However, a recent conversation with a friend who doesn’t believe in such indulgence got me thinking. (She earns twice my salary by the way) She thinks that it’s not worth it to shell out for a designer bag.

So are the exorbitant price tags justifiable? I wavered a little, but I argue that the price tag will eventually become reasonable every time I decide to use it, so here’s my cost-per-wear breakdown to support my claims.

The calculations are based on 3 years of use, 3 times per week. It averages up to a total of 460 uses.

1. Louis Vuitton – Speedy 30 Monogram Bag
Retail price: $1,910
Cost per wear: $4.07

Image: Louis Vuitton

2. Saint laurent – Sac De Jour baby in calfskin
Retail price: $3440
Cost per wear: $7.32

Image: Saint Laurent

3. Christian Dior – Lady Dior medium in lambskin
Retail price: $5,500
Cost per wear: $11.71

Image: Christian Dior

4. Chanel – Boy medium in lambskin
Retail price: $5,820
Cost per wear: $12.39

Image: Chanel 

5. Celine – Box medium in snakeskin
Retail price: $7,100
Cost per wear: $15.12

Image: Celine

6. Hermes – Birkin 35 in clemence leather
Retail price: Approximately $12,155
Cost per wear: $25.89

Image: The Blonde Salad

This sort of investment shopping might not make sense at face value to some people because if you think about it, you only need to use a $500 bag less than 50 times to have it cost $11 per wear.

But I understand the charm and the beauty of a luxury bag. If you are really dedicated and serious about getting a lot of use out of these, I feel that it doesn’t hurt to splurge on a couple of these darlings to make yourself happy!

However, no matter how the math is done, if you do not have enough money at the point of purchase, there is no rationalising it ‒ the bag must stay on the shelf. Never ever chalk up credit card debt and commit to multiple instalment plans just to buy bag. You might find yourself in a overwhelming debt situation that is hard to get out of, so spend your money wisely!