Alexander Wang’s dedicated denim collection, Denim x Alexander Wang, has launched exclusively on Net-A-Porter, almost a month before it will be seen at any other stockist. 

This denim collection comprises of three key styles: WANG 001 (slim), WANG 002 (relaxed) and WANG 003 (boy fit), and they come in three different washes.

Wang, who is a renowned denim snob, is as particular about the amount of stretch in the item as he is about the terminology.


1. 001 – The High Rise Slim Fit Jeans, $491 from Net-A-Porter

Wang emphasized that the 001 style is not a “skinny” jean per se, but a “slim” cut with a high rise at the waist.


2. 002 – The High Rise Relaxed Fit Jeans, $527 from Net-A-Porter

This pair boasts a zero stretch and is based on a classic men’s fit, but cut for a woman’s body.


3. 003 – The High Rise Boy Fit Jeans, $550 from Net-A-Porter

Wang apparently hates the “boyfriend” jeans that every girl seems to be doing now because their ankles are always swimming in fabric. These “boy fit” jeans was made to solve this problem. He cut the jeans for you to roll it twice so that it stays pegged.