Wanna try the ‘romantic chic’ trend? Here’s how! | All images: Me-In.kr

The Koreans are obsessed with looking like the French apparently.

They’re poles apart when it comes to beauty of course – French people love wearing as little makeup as possible – but when it comes to fashion, the minimalist and sophisticated French aesthetic is so popular among the Koreans that they have invented an offshoot style called “romantic chic”.

Korean women, whose petite frames are not always suitable for pulling off the tomboyish “French chic” consisting of a simple white shirt and jeans, prefer to give the illusion of elongated height, longer legs and a more feminine yet sophisticated vibe.

Wanna look like them? Here are 9 easy ways to nail the look.

TIP #1. Judicious use of sheer

Use sheer sparingly on strategic body parts to create the illusion of a longer body

K-style romantic chic sheer.jpg

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TIP #2. Lace, lace, lots of lace!

Nothing screams “feminine” louder than this delicate lightweight material

K-style romantic chic lace.jpg

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TIP #3. Go for above-the-knee skirts

Show off more legs to give the illusion of added height

K-style romantic chic shorter skirt.jpg

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TIP #4. Keep an eye out for delicate fabric

These soft pieces go with almost anything in your wardrobe

k-style romantic chic delicate fabrics.jpg

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TIP #5. Be discreet about ribbons and ruffles

Don’t go crazy with them, the point of adding ribbons and ruffles is to subtly enhance to your outfit, not turn it into a Lolita look

k-style romantic chic ribbons and ruffles.jpg

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TIP #6. Make the feminine blouse do double duty

Wear these with jeans, shorts or pencil skirts – they’re perfect for the office and on weekends

k-style romantic chic feminine blouse.jpg

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TIP #7. An easy fuss-free day bag

Think like the French: Carry ONLY the essentials

k-style romantic chic easy bag.jpg

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TIP #8. Don minimalist heels for added height

Showing off more skin in the feet area helps to add more height

k-style romantic chic minimalist heels.jpg

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TIP #9. Finish off with feminine flats

The same rules apply: Simple straps or bows add a casual and dainty touch


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